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Carbon Road Bike Shoes

carbon road bike shoes

    bike shoes
  • (Bike shoe) Cycling shoes are shoes purpose-built for cycling. There are a variety of designs depending on the type and intensity of the cycling for which they are intended.

  • A rod of carbon in an arc lamp

  • The chemical element of atomic number 6, a nonmetal that has two main forms (diamond and graphite) and that also occurs in impure form in charcoal, soot, and coal

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carbon road bike shoes - EXUSTAR E-SR221

EXUSTAR E-SR221 Road Bike Cycling Shoes Carbon Fiber Sole SZ 44 10.5 US MENS

EXUSTAR E-SR221 Road Bike Cycling Shoes Carbon Fiber Sole SZ 44 10.5 US MENS




MSRP $220.00


After two years of development EXUSTAR has launched a range of cycling shoes utilizing Carbon Fiber Technology. Ultra-light and super stiff carbon fiber soles provide a real competitive edge in the racing world, and at EXUSTAR we areproud that our shoes rank with the world's best.

size:44 EURO/ 10.5 US MENS
use: road
material, upper:synthetic microfiber leather/ breathable mesh
material, outsole:carbonfiber
closure: twoTRIHOOK velcro straps w/forged alloy micro-lock buckle
compatible with: LOOK, SPD, SPD-R, SPD-SL systems
recommended pedal: EXUSTARE-PR101Ti
recommendedcleats: EXUSTAR E-ARC11, E-BLK1
tread: patented non-slip
weight: 699g/pr approx (size 44)
color: silver
cleat plates: not included (comes as photographed)
condition: in original packaging


forged microlock buckle
super stiff carbon fiber for max power transfer
molded heel cup
PAIHO velcro straps
POLIYOU washable, anti-odor insole
air-flow vents
please note: size 44 used for all phot

82% (19)

embarrassing facts about me in pictures. 2.

embarrassing facts about me in pictures. 2.


Do you see the bike? It's a racing bike. An expensive carbon fiber racing bike. For me.

Here's the thing. I'm training for a sprint triathlon. And I haven't really told anyone yet. Because I'm not far enough along to know if I will actually ever compete in a triathlon. And yet I have this bike.

The embarrassing facts are:
1. This bike is way too good for me. I am a poser on this bike.
2. I almost fell off the bike today when I tried to get on it and get my bike shoes in the clips to take it for a ride. K. caught me.
3. What if I never compete???

Argh. It's all K's fault. The triathlon I'm training for is August 2010. I'm giving myself a good long time to get ready. And, uh, we'll see.

Perhaps one of you athletic types out there can give me some love. I need some.


SIDI Genius 5.5 Carbon Composite Road Bike Shoes

SIDI Genius 5.5 Carbon Composite Road Bike Shoes

Today we went over to Umeda, Osaka to check out Silvest Cycle. As far as I know this is the biggest cycle gear store in Kansai Area and it was blimmed over with assembled bikes, components, wear, and all kinds of other cycling-related gears. Among them there were these Sidi shoes I was after.

carbon road bike shoes

carbon road bike shoes

Mavic Huez Road Shoe 2010 - Color:White Sz:11

Huez: High performance ultralight race shoe. Extra light construction, technologies and materials allow Mavic to engineer a true performance shoe with excellent comfort and energy transfer at an extraordinary weight. Energy Ride: -Energy Lock Carbon -Energy Full Carbon SL Outsole Ergo Ride: -Ergo Lite Upper -Ergo Strap SL -Ergo Fit SL -Ergo Clima Vent Tongue SL -Ergo Lite Toe Cap -Ergo Strap Custom Details: -Delivered with mesh shoe bag -Titanium Cleat Inserts -Delivered with recommended length screws for outsole -Weight: 195 grams (Size 8.5) -Sizes: 4.5-12 (whole and half sizes)

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