Dog Carrier For Bicycle : Bike Handle Grip.

Dog Carrier For Bicycle

dog carrier for bicycle

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dog carrier for bicycle - Solvit 62331

Solvit 62331 Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket

Solvit 62331 Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket

The Solvit Tagalong Wicker Pet Bicycle Basket pampers pets in luxury and style as they ride around town. Authentic rattan lends an elegant and traditional look to this high-quality basket. With the sunshade installed, the basket’s breathable construction keeps pets cool and comfortable. With the sunshade removed, pets can “cruise with the top down” on those relaxing, evening rides. The full sheepskin liner cradles pets in comfort and it removes easily for washing. An adjustable safety leash keeps pets secure while riding. A unique bracket system makes it easy to take the basket on and off a bicycle in seconds with just one hand. Three-way adjustability on the bracket allow for a good fit on any bicycle, without interfering with brake cables. The Wicker Tagalong™ holds pets up to 13 lbs. The inside dimensions of the basket are 15”L x 11”W x 9.5”H and it weighs 4 lbs.

88% (18)

My Friend Oliver Tripod Twist

My Friend Oliver Tripod Twist

We are in a state of grief. Our little friend Ollie has passed away. We loved him and he loved us.....what can I say?

I found Ollie in Oakland, California while on a teaching tour.
My son and his wife had just adopted a wonderful border collie named Cippo from the Milo Foundation.

I went with my daughter-in-law Brenda to get Cippo's last shot.
When we arrived at a private residence in Berkeley we were greeted by the sound of lots of dogs. On the porch was a group of about thirty little dogs ...all bouncing about, barking, jumping and was canine pandemonium!'
In the center of all this was a scruffy little terrier looking very calm and collected. He looked so much like Ralph, an old dog friend of mine in Melbourne, Australia, that I asked to see him.

"Oh dear" said the lady, "I am afraid he is rather special and he is already going to one of our care givers. You see he has only one eye and one back leg. It was surgically taken care of and I suppose at one time he was hit by a car"!

I told her that I sure would like to see him regardless and she went in to pick him up. She went on to tell us that he had been found in a dirty, run-down dog pound in Modesto, California and he was one day from death. The Milo Foundation goes to such places and finds dogs they deem adoptable. They clean them up, get them neutered and a health certified. The Milo Foundation is a no kill foundation.

So of course I had to have him and after much negotiation, phone calls to the airport, buying food, leash, collar, food and carrier I was able to buy him at a big discount because he was missing parts.......For Ollie and was love at first sight.

I had to teach for a week in the Monterrey area so I called ahead and arranged for Ollie to be boarded at a Vet's office.
I was told that I couldn't have a dog in the Motel or on site at Asylomar.
At the San Francisco airport I had a carry-on and Ollie in his carrier....He always had to have his head out so he could see.... He hadn't eaten any of the "good" dog food I had purchased. I stopped in the food-court for a salad.....all of a sudden he was out of the carrier, jumped up against a garbage can and had it he went and had half a big Mac in his mouth before I could gather my senses!!! He was a real dumpster diver and this is how he had survived while on the streets.....

We finally got to Monterrey and to the motel. The Vet's office called and picked him up....I was so relieved to know he would be safe and I could concentrate on my work. I had a class of 19 women waiting for me for a five day workshop.

Three hours later the phone rang and I was informed that Ollie had Kennel cough and could not stay with matter how i tried no one could take him....So they gave him a shot and lots of medicine and I smuggled him into the room.....
He was really sick and I was up all night with him.....I found out he was totally deaf....when I came back from breakfast and he was sound asleep on his bed....there was no movement and I thought he was dead.....I was so distraught that I left the door open....I ran to the phone and called the vet.....Just then a big wind blew the door shut and he jumped because of the wind not the loud bang.....Scared us both half to death.....After testing him, I discovered that not only was he missing an eye and a back leg but he was deaf and quite elderly!
It just made me all the more determined to give him a good life.
I explained to the students what was going on and we decided to smuggle him into the class room and keep him in his carrier under a desk. Luckily one of the students was a feline vet and she made sure he took his medicine......Another student acted as a lookout.....

After three days of this dog drama...... we got busted and I was called up on the carpet by the administration. Oliver had to be off the premises immediately! So I went off and rented as jeep to keep in the car park in the basement.....Ollie could be heard howling through the grates but there he stayed all day but only for one day....The students were so upset but we had to follow the rules.....They were watching us like hawks by now.....
On the last day the students presented Ollie with a knitted jacket, two toys and gourmet dog treats.....
The administration never ever received a complaint and every student took great pride in the " Ollie Campaign".
By the time we flew into Colorado Springs and into the arms of Ernest, we were exhausted. Ernest just tucked Ollie under his arm like a football, picked up my bag and off we went. I had explained that Ollie was my birthday present to myself ( he was already up to the price of a nice sized diamond!!!}

Thanks to my dear kids and wonderful student/ friends...Ollie had a wonderful life with us.....He was perfect to take to rock concerts of all kinds because the music did not bother him....he fit perfectly into my bicycle basket. He lov



Not sure which San Diego based aircraft carrier this is, but its sailing north as the sun sets. Carlsbad, California, USA

dog carrier for bicycle

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